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Home style with digital interior art

Home style and get rid of your blank flat tv

Home style and make your flat TV turn into digital interior art. The shut off flat TV hanging on the wall is like a blackboard, a lifeless surface which does not add any value to your interior. With digital interior art, the flat TV adds the room life and atmosphere. Still Panorama interior art is a source for relaxation, while it boosts the level of your home style.

The digital interior art consists of a scenic view displayed for a long moment (25 minutes to 5 hours),during the movie's running time, an afternoon or an evening pass. The movements of the subject typically include the shadows slowly changing the subject, the sun going down and some sea gulls passing.

The movie is recorded in High Definition, HD, and plays natural sound. The motive can be played again and again without being tiring.

Digital interior art - styles and modernizes your home and your tv

For an interior to have a homestyled, modern expression, it requires that the dwelling consists of modern architecture, modern furniture and modern material. Added to this, it includes electric lighting and technical equipment, such as sound system and flat TV.

Flat TV is perhaps the main attribute of a modern home and stands for a modern technology. It has a central place in the home as it is used frequently and by several simultaneously. This is an advantage while watching television. At the same time it is a disadvantage when not in use. For example, the flat TV is usually shut off at parties, dinners, or when the moment calls for relaxation. The flat TV then becomes a lifeless surface, which inhibits the modern expression in the dwelling and is not contributing to your home style.

Still Panorama moving interior art does not only remove the dead surface, but adds a sense of style and a modern expression.

How to buy Still Panorama interior art?

The movies are downloaded from the Still Panorama Online Store after completed purchase. Windows Media Player 9 or later has to be installed on your computer. To view the movie at right screen, the computer's VGA connector has to be connected to the flat TV or the monitor. There are also technical solutions for wireless transmission of sound and image. Talk to your TV dealer.

Is your home style just for you or also for your friends?

Buy your digital interior art today. You give life to your room, relaxation and atmosphere. Your friends will appreciate you for your taste and your innovative use of your flat TV.

     "There is never a second chance to make a first impression"





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