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art video creates value for premises

Art video adds value to lounge and reception in your hotel

Still Panorama®'s art video adds modern style and art to your hotel room, lounge and reception. Your customers will perceive your hotel, lounge or reception as more alive, pleasant and calmer with these art videos.

The art videos are filmed in High Definition, HD, and have natural sound. The art videos show one subject for the whole playing time. Screen time varies between 25 minutes and 5 hours depending on which production. The movies aim to enhance the impression of the interior level by bringing modern style and art. The art videos also affect the atmosphere in a peaceful manner.

art video in reception and lounge - creates peace & comfort

Video in the reception and lounge are usually limited to the hotel's information display. And it is obvious that the aim with the video is to inform the hotel guest. There is however another possible benfit to have a display in the premises if the right content is played. By using art video, a psycological effect can be reached, as it conveys a calm and quiet atmosphere. This is usually only achieved by ambient music and good personnel behaviour.

In cases where the hotel guest experience dissatisfaction or is upset, it is important that the environment conveys a calm atmosphere. This in order to avoid aggravation of the situation and to maintain the image of a reliable and solid hotel. Still Panorama's art videos help the hotel to create a calm atmosphere. With a scenic view and relaxing sound, your premises will have it easier to reach comfort and harmony.

In the reception and the lounge there are guests awaiting others. In anticipation, most people want to have something to rest their eyes on. An information display will soon lose its interest and do not provide the relaxation that hotel guests often are in need of. A Still Panorama art video provides a good opportunity for reflection and is operating without taking too much attention.

How art video in the hotel room creates value for your hotel

Of all devices in a hotel room, the hotel guest uses the TV screen the most. The TV screen is central for information and entertainment. From the perspective of the hotel, the hotel's information channel is the only possibility to sell the hotel's image and values. The channel may, however, get little attention after the hotel guest's information needs are satisfied. The guest often switch over to another channel, or shut off the TV entirely.

The reason why the guests change channels is not always because they want to watch any specific program. They might as well just be tired of the information channel. To turn off the TV is unthinkable for many as they can not stand the silence, and because they need the life that TV provides. Art video fills this need. Hotel guests receive the life and stimulation needed to feel good. A rippling stream may be sufficient for hotel guests, as it adds a living atmosphere and is also relaxing for both eyes and ears.

If the subject fits with the hotel's image, the hotel can boost its image and give the guests the right associations. The Still Panorama subjects are neutral and show scenic views from Sweden and Scandinavia, for longer moments. The videos are aimed at getting the viewer to a peaceful state and work in practice as art and as a window facing a beautiful place.

Hotel guests, who choose to use art video, associate thus the subject to the hotel, and also gain peace and quiet. The Still Panorama art videos are especially suited for those hotels that wish to be associated with customer care, art and nature.

How do I buy a Still Panorama® background movie?

If you as a hotel owner / staff is interested in this product, please contact us at Viewing requires a license, which is not handled by Still Panorama online store.

Call or write now and show your interest. The product is new and will give your room a modern and fresh expression. Do not lose value with black screens.




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