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Bring style and art to your homestaging

Still Panorama® offers motion pictures tailored to your homestaging and homestyling needs. The motion pictures are intended to improve the perception of the interior level by bringing in modern style and art. The motion pictures also affect the atmosphere in a calm and pleasant way. The potential buyers will get a better impression of your property and increase the chances for a higher selling price.

The motion pictures show such as a beautiful afternoon, where the sun lowers over the sea. The movies are filmed in High Definition, HD, and have natural sound. The motion pictures show one scenic view for the entire running time. The movie length varies from 25 minutes to 5 hours depending on which production.

The display helps your homestaging when to sell your house

When you sell the home, it is important to think about homestaging. This means more than just clean and put everything in decent order at home. It might also include painting and putting up wallpaper, maybe replace the whole household, for a more modern and attractive one, place flowers and hide electrical wires etcetera.

One thing that is often forgotten is the display. In modern households, it is a flat panel display, which tends to become larger and larger, and often found on more than one place in homes. At real estate sales, it is common that the displays are turned off and blank. A flat panel display normally contributes to a modern expression of the apartment, when it is in use. During the daytime, the time when the dwelling usually is showed for potential buyers, the negative aspects of a flat screen is exposed as the screen usually is turned off.

In worst case, a blank display might influence the price negatively. To take away focus from the negative aspects of a large, flat TV display, the screen should be filled with a purposeful movie.

Still Panorama´s digital art is suitable for residential sales and has been tested successfully. The potential buyers appreciate the moving images, they are beautiful, and add the room a pleasant atmosphere. That a display would be too large is not in the mind.

How to select the moving images, suitable for your homestyling

When you sell your home, you should think about what associations the potential buyer will get. The customer is always longing for a better situation. Generally, people are longing for sun and views that they might associate with holiday or free time activities. Still Panorama has a veriaty of films with neutral subjects, that all bring out positive associations.

Is the dwelling situated in the hinterland, or near-coastal? This may influence the choice of your moving image. A coastal subjuct fits well to the dwelling near the sea. However, it can be perceived as mis-matching if a coastal subject appears in the hinterland.

How to buy and use Still Panorama digital art?

The movies are downloaded from the Still Panorama Online Store after completed purchase. Windows Media Player 9 or later has to be installed on your computer. To view the movie at right screen, the computer's VGA connector has to be connected to the flat panel TV or the monitor. There are also technical solutions for wireless transmission of sound and image. Talk to your TV dealer.

ready to take homestaging to a new level and to maximize the price?

Are you ready to let your property go for an under-valued price, or do you want to do everything to bring up the price? During the few days that the dwelling is shown, you must do everything to bring up the price. Homestaging companies live on this and there is a reason why they can do it. To buy flowers, put up new curtains and paint the worn wall is seen by most as obvious, but do not stumble at the last step. Still Panorama´s digital art can be the final perfection. Do not hesitate. You have little to lose and much to gain!

     "There is never a second chance to make a first impression"




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