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Ambient video for a calm reception

Ambient video provides calm atmosphere in the reception

Ambient video is delivered by Still Panorama®, a form of video art to your health care practice-, reception area- and waiting room tv. Ambient video enhances the impression of your premises and give a quiet atmosphere for your staff and your patients. Film art gives the patients something to rest their eyes on and gives the patient the opportunity to sink into a contemplative state.

The film art shows such as a beautiful day, with the sunset over the sea and the waves hitting the beach. The film art is filmed in High Definition, HD, and has natural sound. The film art shows one subject for the entire running time. The running time varies between 30 minutes to 5 hours depending on which production. The Film art enhances the impression of the interior level by bringing in modern style and art. The art also affects the atmosphere in a calm way.

How Still Panorama®'s film art affects the patience’s well-being

In most cases, the patient has to wait a few minutes, or longer for the physician to arrive. The patient is then directed to waiting room. The Waiting room usually offers literature and in some cases a TV that shows either news or advertising. Before a visit to the doctor, the patient may feel anxiety and uncertainty.

Stress levels can be so high that the patient can not absorb any literature and in the cases where the television shows advertising messages, it can, if at all understood, be perceived as cynical and insulting - a patient does not want to be an advertise victim, as he/she might worry about live and limb, in a weak state.

The problem with displaying news on TV is that they often convey problematic and negative messages, which does not help up the patient's mood. Still Panorama film art offers this option, as the movies show beautiful and neutral subjects to allay concerns and provide a calm atmosphere. They provide positive associations to holiday and sunny days, and work in practice as picture-art or a window into reality.

The TV, a helping hand

How is it? Is the patient left in a sterile waiting room? Does your staff daily see patients with blank eyes and unopened literature that lies in the knee until it is time to meet the doctor? What do you do to relieve pain, anxiety and worked-up feelings? All you can? If your care institution has a TV in the waiting room, a Still Panorama film will increase the well-being of the patient. It offers beautiful views together with natural sound with, for example, birdsong and the sound of the ocean that contributes to a soothing atmosphere. Do what you can for your patient's sake.

If you as a representative of a health care practice are interested in this product, please contact us at Viewing requires a license, which is not handled by Still Panorama online store.

Call or write now, and show your interest. The product is new and will give your premises a modern and fresh expression, while the patient is in focus.





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